Everything You Need To Know About ADU

What Is An ADU?

What is an ADU? An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit is more than just extra living space. Read on to learn more about ADUs and how they can benefit...


How To Build An ADU

The process to build an ADU can be complicated. Read on to learn why working with an ADU specialist like Makara ADU can be your best choice.


ADUs Vs. Senior Housing

There are many options for senior living, but one often overlooked is an ADU. See why ADUs are better (and cheaper) than traditional senior housing.


What Does An ADU Cost?

What does an ADU cost? From the location to the materials, many elements go into the cost of an ADU. Read on to learn more!

Can I Put an ADU on My Property? In a matter of minutes, we can determine if you can put a Makara Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property. Are you ready?